The New Testament

The New Testament (NT); what is it actually? It is a collection of 27 writings, all approximately 2000 years old. Not so special in itself, perhaps, but the thing is that many people base their lives on what is contained within those 27 writings. The chief claim made in NT, is that a Jew called Jesus from Nasareth, was whom he claimed to be; the very son of God and king of kings. 
Now; if that claim is true, it doesn’t take a genius to understand that it concerns us all, from the very least to the greatest: God has sent his Son to earth, and he was killed! God probably sent him to us for some reason, and it would be nothing but ignorant foolishness not to open the 27 books contained in the NT in order to learn about what actually happened.

On the other hand, however — if the claim is not true — there seems to be no particular reason of truth to spend any more time on NT than any other good old story from a different age. In order to find out whether it all is true or not, it seems natural to start by examining the evidence (or according to some; “evidence”). Is it reliable? On these pages, I intend to publish resources to this end, so that you can see for yourself that perhaps there is something special about the NT-accounts after all.

  • Open Yale lecture series on the New Testament: This lecture series is after what I can understand given by a non-Christian, and especially lecture 2, on the formation of the canon of the New Testament, is rather informative.
  • Aslo, you might want to look at this summary of key points in canonizing the New Testament. It is based on the above lecture series and on a book by Bruce Metzger. See documents for details.

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