Flatlanders In 3 Dimensions

It is just as incomprehensible to me that the Flatlanders cannot fathom the depth of a third dimension, as does it strike them as unphysical that there should be one. And then I find myself being a 3 dimensional Flatlander, for it seems so self-evident to me that my mind cannot comprehend 4 spatial dimensions,Continue reading “Flatlanders In 3 Dimensions”

The misty flats

Words are not mine in the exam period. Spending at least 7 hours a day at the university preparing for the great finals of the year the first thing I feel like doing when I get back home is definitely not writing a blog post. At times I think I spend too much time atContinue reading “The misty flats”

Of whom came how?

When I think, I wonder –and I think again! I ask myself, I ponder –of whom is the man? Then I hear an answer –science speaks to me: By cold evolution, sir —chance ‘n necessity! Oh, what wisdom it bears –they’re right; so may be! But what I ask, no-one hears –of whom; who is He?Continue reading “Of whom came how?”

Perceptive thoughts…

You know those moments when you capture yourself standing in the corner wondering why it all just happened to be so beautiful? No? Then thank God for having given you such a sound mind! Some of us are so darkened in our minds by philosophical reasoning that we really do sit around on random benchesContinue reading “Perceptive thoughts…”

A reckless moment

Let me be utterly careless for a tiny little moment. And let me be so reckless in my assumptions as to believe that I exist- objectively. I mean-how would I know if I did. Say I did. Say I knew I wouldn’t ever wake up from a dream finding myself in a totally different worldContinue reading “A reckless moment”


In trying to set up my brand new blog, I can just as well get started by this wonderful picture. It was captured at the university in the great city Trondheim (NTNU- Norwegian University of Science and Technology), and even if having fun with some rather technical terms, this picture reflects the state of mind,Continue reading “Picture”