Bible Exposition on Evangelizing

Here comes the most recent Bible Exposition! It will be used in tonights Friday meeting at Berg Prestegård, 7:30 pm. So — if you will be one of the attendants you now have the chance to see the questions in advance and perhaps make up your mind as to what the answers should look like.Continue reading “Bible Exposition on Evangelizing”

Previous Bible Expositions

Well, it has definitely been some time since I last posted any Bible Expositions. But here are the two remaining ones that were used at Trondheim Christian Student Union (TKS) the now past spring semester.  The small-group Bible exposition concept is something that has been introduced in the Friday- meeting cycle  of TKS to makeContinue reading “Previous Bible Expositions”

Of whom came how?

When I think, I wonder –and I think again! I ask myself, I ponder –of whom is the man? Then I hear an answer –science speaks to me: By cold evolution, sir —chance ‘n necessity! Oh, what wisdom it bears –they’re right; so may be! But what I ask, no-one hears –of whom; who is He?Continue reading “Of whom came how?”

Questions about John 13-14

These questions were made for the Friday meeting at the Christian Student Union in Trondheim (TKS) as a tool for Bible exposition, and they were used yesterday. Some of the groups complained that the questions were a bit too hard. At first I thought that was strange, because I meant I was quite clear withContinue reading “Questions about John 13-14”

Lippy Honor

A few weeks back I was forcing my way through the gospel of Matthew, hitting the one stumbling block after the other. There are so many things I just don’t understand. Referring to Bruce Metzger’s “The New Testament — It’s background, Growth and Content” has been helpful, but I think what is needed even moreContinue reading “Lippy Honor”

No automatic transmission

It is Christmas, and everybody is writing about it, so I won’t (everybody knows what they think Christmas is anyway). Except to tell that Christmas is the time for families to gather and spend time together. So we do, too, and we were talking in the family this other day, when my brother in aContinue reading “No automatic transmission”