Does the universe soup have spin?

The exam period is over, and I feel like I can relax a bit. I worked quite well this exam period. It is so good to finally be finished and to, upon receiving the results, be able to¬†look at my work and feel satisfied. This time I am well pleased with what I have accomplished.Continue reading “Does the universe soup have spin?”

How great is my God!

About 10 billion years ago, God decided to create. In all his creativity he decided to make a world constrained by three spatial dimensions, and by one dimension of time. Why exactly these numbers, I don’t know. With splendid insight, and¬†unlimited power, he demanded that “there be light“. And who is to stand against hisContinue reading “How great is my God!”

A reckless moment

Let me be utterly careless for a tiny little moment. And let me be so reckless in my assumptions as to believe that I exist- objectively. I mean-how would I know if I did. Say I did. Say I knew I wouldn’t ever wake up from a dream finding myself in a totally different worldContinue reading “A reckless moment”


In trying to set up my brand new blog, I can just as well get started by this wonderful picture. It was captured at the university in the great city Trondheim (NTNU- Norwegian University of Science and Technology), and even if having fun with some rather technical terms, this picture reflects the state of mind,Continue reading “Picture”