Big bang in an infinite universe?

[I originally wrote this post for the UiS Cosmology Facebook page .] Observations, in light of the standard cosmological model, seem to strongly suggest that the Universe as we know it today started in a point-like event some good 13 billion years ago. Since then it has grown and grown, and now we observe living inContinue reading “Big bang in an infinite universe?”

What to do after the oil…

In todays world the focus on environmentally friendly energy sources is ever increasing. Perhaps Penrose’s idea from the seventies must be used… I originally wrote the below post for the Facebook page “UiS Cosmology” ( In 1971 Penrose and Floyd published a paper suggesting a mechanism to extract energy from a black hole. In theirContinue reading “What to do after the oil…”

Ben asks in Benasque

I am sitting in the back of a lecturing room in Centro de Sciencias in Benasque one Thursday in September, starting the blog post from my first scientific conference ever. At the blackboard is a Japanese student speaking about some topic quite inconceivable — partly because of his rather interesting variant of English, and partlyContinue reading “Ben asks in Benasque”

Getting started in Stavanger

  Well, it is already soon September, and I am ready to embark upon my Ph.D. work here in the city of dark matter. Indeed it is — I have heard they have a big industry where they mine dark matter from underneath the sea bed here. They call it “oil”. The platforms they use are huge (pic.Continue reading “Getting started in Stavanger”

Significance somewhere insignificant.

Some Sunday in December I find myself in a lecture of life, eagerly taking notes. If my notes during physics lectures have always been sparse, I am trying to make up for it  in the lectures of life. Its funny, isn’t it. In a tiny, cosy little place in a tiny (lovely, perfect, extraordinary etc etc.Continue reading “Significance somewhere insignificant.”

The gene-ius in us

I just watched a documentary about manipulating genes. In the documentary we among others meet a Chinese girl, Lin Lin, who works as a researcher manipulating pig embryos. Listen to her fluent Chinglish:  “I still remember the first time I see this embryos under my microscope. And then after 4 months and these embryos they areContinue reading “The gene-ius in us”

Flatlanders In 3 Dimensions

It is just as incomprehensible to me that the Flatlanders cannot fathom the depth of a third dimension, as does it strike them as unphysical that there should be one. And then I find myself being a 3 dimensional Flatlander, for it seems so self-evident to me that my mind cannot comprehend 4 spatial dimensions,Continue reading “Flatlanders In 3 Dimensions”

A number at last!

I finally have a number. The Friedmann equations together with measurements as a first “guess” seem to permit the expanding universe to have a viscosity as large as about ~ 10^6 Pa s (positive or negative).  1 000 000 Pa s, if you like zeros (and btw; Pa s=kg/(m s)). The shear viscosity of theContinue reading “A number at last!”

My thesis

Now that I realized I can link to pdfs on my blog, I figured it will be far easier to post things related to my studies, as I initially intended to. I think there is a way to use Latex in WordPress too, but I haven’t been looking into that yet.  Anyway; this PP-presentation captures theContinue reading “My thesis”