A few resources on my faith

The Skeptics week at NTNU is approaching, and after meeting with the subjects of this years grilling I figured I would upload some of the material I have used in different settings over the course of the last couple of years. I haven’t had the time to read through it all very intently, so pleaseContinue reading “A few resources on my faith”

Flatlanders In 3 Dimensions

It is just as incomprehensible to me that the Flatlanders cannot fathom the depth of a third dimension, as does it strike them as unphysical that there should be one. And then I find myself being a 3 dimensional Flatlander, for it seems so self-evident to me that my mind cannot comprehend 4 spatial dimensions,Continue reading “Flatlanders In 3 Dimensions”

A number at last!

I finally have a number. The Friedmann equations together with measurements as a first “guess” seem to permit the expanding universe to have a viscosity as large as about ~ 10^6 Pa s (positive or negative).  1 000 000 Pa s, if you like zeros (and btw; Pa s=kg/(m s)). The shear viscosity of theContinue reading “A number at last!”

The misty flats

Words are not mine in the exam period. Spending at least 7 hours a day at the university preparing for the great finals of the year the first thing I feel like doing when I get back home is definitely not writing a blog post. At times I think I spend too much time atContinue reading “The misty flats”

The Gospel

The following links contain the article (Norwegian) that I wrote in preparing to the leadership training in TKS this fall, and the PP-presentation (Norwegian) used under the talk. The gospel, though, is not for leaders. The gospel calls on apprentices, trainees and employees — and leaders, too. It encourages true discipleship, ultimately resulting in, and expressedContinue reading “The Gospel”

My thesis

Now that I realized I can link to pdfs on my blog, I figured it will be far easier to post things related to my studies, as I initially intended to. I think there is a way to use Latex in WordPress too, but I haven’t been looking into that yet.  Anyway; this PP-presentation captures theContinue reading “My thesis”

Bible Exposition on Evangelizing

Here comes the most recent Bible Exposition! It will be used in tonights Friday meeting at Berg Prestegård, 7:30 pm. So — if you will be one of the attendants you now have the chance to see the questions in advance and perhaps make up your mind as to what the answers should look like.Continue reading “Bible Exposition on Evangelizing”

Previous Bible Expositions

Well, it has definitely been some time since I last posted any Bible Expositions. But here are the two remaining ones that were used at Trondheim Christian Student Union (TKS) the now past spring semester.  The small-group Bible exposition concept is something that has been introduced in the Friday- meeting cycle  of TKS to makeContinue reading “Previous Bible Expositions”