Poetic polemic.

Faith is the extrapolation of evidence. Amidst Norways dark and rain, I glimpse hope through faint sunshine stain. I look and smile, and look again. I live no more in vain, for there is hope, and hope secure. Evidence shone; my hope’s compelling spur. The sun will rise, yes rise for sure.   Did you reallyContinue reading “Poetic polemic.”

Big bang in an infinite universe?

[I originally wrote this post for the UiS Cosmology Facebook page .] Observations, in light of the standard cosmological model, seem to strongly suggest that the Universe as we know it today started in a point-like event some good 13 billion years ago. Since then it has grown and grown, and now we observe living inContinue reading “Big bang in an infinite universe?”

What to do after the oil…

In todays world the focus on environmentally friendly energy sources is ever increasing. Perhaps Penrose’s idea from the seventies must be used… I originally wrote the below post for the Facebook page “UiS Cosmology” (https://www.facebook.com/uiscosmology/?fref=nf): In 1971 Penrose and Floyd published a paper suggesting a mechanism to extract energy from a black hole. In theirContinue reading “What to do after the oil…”

Merry say what?

Bear with a Christian’s sarcastic perception of the non-believer’s “Christmas”: It’s that calm notion again. Can you sense it? That time of the year when culture itself cuddles with you and wraps you up in a treacherously blanket of imagined innocence and of white peace within. The month for mindfulness and picturesque afterthought. Photo albums, asContinue reading “Merry say what?”

Ben asks in Benasque

I am sitting in the back of a lecturing room in Centro de Sciencias in Benasque one Thursday in September, starting the blog post from my first scientific conference ever. At the blackboard is a Japanese student speaking about some topic quite inconceivable — partly because of his rather interesting variant of English, and partlyContinue reading “Ben asks in Benasque”

Getting started in Stavanger

  Well, it is already soon September, and I am ready to embark upon my Ph.D. work here in the city of dark matter. Indeed it is — I have heard they have a big industry where they mine dark matter from underneath the sea bed here. They call it “oil”. The platforms they use are huge (pic.Continue reading “Getting started in Stavanger”

27, going on 72.

Wait — didn’t I just turn 7? At least my 17th anniversary isn’t that long ago, is it? Well, actually I just turned 27 a few days ago! I went running this other day, and happened to pass by the school I went to when I first started primary school. It is out in theContinue reading “27, going on 72.”

Tourists are happy because they smile.

I just came back from an altogether wonderful trip with my wonderful brother, visiting our wonderful cousin in wonderful Prague in all its wonderful splendor and medieval glory. It was great. Truly great, and as you’ll sooner or later realize, this blog-post has got nothing with tourism to do. On holiday, though, I often haveContinue reading “Tourists are happy because they smile.”


A friend of mine just passed away in a tragic road accident. My thoughts go to his closest ones. I am in grief with them, and I mourn. Yet — I rejoice with the believing ones among them, that he now has met the God in whom he profeessed belief; a God who judges with righteousness. LetContinue reading “Released”