That is a pretty good question! I go by the name Ben (hence penOfBen!), and I am a Norwegian student. More than being a physics Ph. D. student in Stavanger, Norway, I am a student at the university of Mary (See the Bible Luke 11,41-42). As a Christian student digging into science, I am every now and then asked to make an account in defence of the faith in which I live. In the process I have had to dig up a bit around the foundation on which my faith is built, to see whether it really stands as strong as I have thought.  To me this seems to be a continuous process, lead by an earnest seeking of the truth, which I still, by good reasons,  believe to be that Jesus is whom he claimed to be; the Son of God.

As you read along on my blog, I believe you will read through posts from a diverse range of topics, as I am seeking to explore what I learn as a student with these choice words of Jesus guiding my mind:

…and the truth will set you free.

(John 8:32 NET).

Please feel free to contact me!

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