Moments like these.

I had the opportunity to go camping in the wild with a few good friends this weekend. As I write, I am so tiered that I should perhaps let my pen rest for the night, but bear with me for this one picture. Image, really. Imagery indeed. For amidst the cold and the rain, the sun and fire stain, we glimpsed one of those precious moments of  sheer wilderness beauty. The clash of dark with light. Hope’s struggle to survive the chaos of despair.

Contrasted moment.



The photo was taken with my mobile camera, but hopefully at least parts of the contrasted moment shine through. Twist your head around the poem and dare its interpretation.

Thanks for a lovely trip, friends! Never forget, though, the stars we saw. The berries we picked and the cold we felt. The sun in our faces. The fire we fought and tamed and the talks we shared.
Truth is a choice, but it cannot be chosen away with.

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