A few resources on my faith

The Skeptics week at NTNU is approaching, and after meeting with the subjects of this years grilling I figured I would upload some of the material I have used in different settings over the course of the last couple of years. I haven’t had the time to read through it all very intently, so please use with care and don’t write me off as lost case if you find something horrible in there (but do let me know!) 😉 . Hopefully it might be useful input whether you are a christian or not 🙂

  • Evidence; a pp-presentation with a gross summary of why I believe (Nb! from 2013)
  • Is the Original New Testament Lost; This is a summary of the key points found in this debate (youtube) between dr. Wallace (Christian) and dr. Ehrman (agnostic). This is a very instructive debate, but the notes listed are only of value if you have watched the debate, I am afraid.
  • Spørsmål å tenke igjennom før Grilling (mix between norwegian and english…); the answers I prepared before taking part in “Grill a Christian” at the Skeptics week 2014 (NTNU). Also contains a few useful definitions, and an even shorter summary of key points in the debate mentioned above.
  • Interview with Bahrt Ehrmann; this is a really interesting, short interview with agnostic Bible scholar Bahrt Ehrman on claims in the Da Vinci Code.

Please visit Skeptics Week if you are interested in attending debates and/ or talks on the topic of God, faith and hope (or the lack of it, according to some).

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