Flatlanders In 3 Dimensions

It is just as incomprehensible to me that the Flatlanders cannot fathom the depth of a third dimension, as does it strike them as unphysical that there should be one. And then I find myself being a 3 dimensional Flatlander, for it seems so self-evident to me that my mind cannot comprehend 4 spatial dimensions,Continue reading “Flatlanders In 3 Dimensions”

A number at last!

I finally have a number. The Friedmann equations together with measurements as a first “guess” seem to permit the expanding universe to have a viscosity as large as about ~ 10^6 Pa s (positive or negative).  1 000 000 Pa s, if you like zeros (and btw; Pa s=kg/(m s)). The shear viscosity of theContinue reading “A number at last!”