60 and going on eternal

Topic: Proverbs 6,20/Theme: Autumn/ Artist: BDN

My mother just turned 60. Her gentle spirit doesn’t shout for attention. Still, her presence is of the sort that doesn’t go unnoticed. She really is loveable, my mother, and people see it. I am proud of her, and greatly in dept to her for the daily care and upbringing she stood for when I was a kid at home. When you’re 60 you aren’t  that young any more, but my mother is ever younger. It is so sad to see ageing people desperately clinging to their dwindling youth. For each year of age a new layer of make-up to cover up the unpleasant changes. Lack of integrity and security in the hope that God gives. But my mother isn’t of that kind. What has been fading away of her outward beauty as the years have past by, God has steadily been adding to her inward being by increasing her integrity in peace and love. She knows who she is, and where she is going, my mother. That is beauty. Pure beauty.

To express my gratitude and love towards her, I finished a painting I have had going on for quite some while now. My mother is skilled with drawing, and she did her best to pass it on to her children. I don’t know how well she succeeded, but anyway the photograph contains the latest results to that end. There are quite a few hidden details in the painting that surely don’t show in the photograph. But now this was for my mother and not for you, so you might rather have to come visit if you want a better look 😉

Happy birthday mum!

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One thought on “60 and going on eternal

  1. yes the inward beauty outshines the outward. it is good that you acknowledge her and let her know how much you appreciate her. proverbs 31…. beauty and charm is deceptive but a woman fears the Lord is to praised

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