No automatic transmission

It is Christmas, and everybody is writing about it, so I won’t (everybody knows what they think Christmas is anyway). Except to tell that Christmas is the time for families to gather and spend time together. So we do, too, and we were talking in the family this other day, when my brother in a moment of deep insight (of which he has just enough) told me there is no such thing as automatic transmission in the car of his Christian life. Neither is there one in yours, he told me. If you want to keep the speed at which your parents brought you while still in their raising, then you’ll have to press the accelerator yourself. You might need to check that they sent you off in the right direction, too. Having checked and confirmed with the Lord; press on and remember to stop at the gass stations to rest, ask for directions and refuel! Without Spirit there will be no fire and no moving forward.

“If anyone is meant for captivity,
into captivity he will go.
If anyone is to be killed by the sword,
then by the sword he must be killed.
This requires steadfast endurance  and faith from the saints.”

(Rev 13,10)

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