Bi-logical biological evolution?

Many Christians, undisputed creationists, very strongly proclaim that evolution is not true, and that it disputes our Christian faith strongly. I never thought so.  As an adaptive individual trying to be among the fittest for mother selection, it didn’t take me too much effort (though a little) to adapt to the environmental changes and embrace the idea of evolution by natural selection, as I learnt about it in school. Not that I knew so much about it, or that I could claim its truth based on evidence I knew of.  I just didn’t have the same need for persecuting the theory as a blasphemer of the God I believe in, as was and is obviously the case for many of my fellow believers.  But how can Christians, who believe in the same things, still think so differently on these matters? I think there is one major reason at work here. Your opinion on evolution is greatly influenced by the way you as a christian interpret the bible. Or “The Holy Word of God” — depending on how you interpret it. Now, let me be absolutely clear on this point: I of course believe there is only one of the interpretations that is the right one! And it is not the literal interpretation. Getting back to the topic; if you by heart believe that The Bible literally is the Word of God, almost as if he took a pen and wrote it, you will not so easily attempt to understand it with a typical human mindset. Rather you will easily be tempted to consider it beyond comprehension. And when it comes to the creation process; of course the world was created in seven literal days! After all that is what is written in Genesis, they will argue.

Now, I do NOT look at the Bible in this way. Yes, I DO believe that those who wrote the different books which are contained in the book collection called the Bible, knew God very well. And yes; I also do believe that the prophets, or seers, in the old testament were people who in a quite special way received revelations and prophesies from God. Indeed so, but still God didn’t write the Bible. And even if so was the case, how  could it be without fault, as the earthly language in which he would have to write it for us to understand it, would be a faulty language! It wouldn’t be a complete basis for understanding, mathematically speaking.  Finally; as far as I understand, there are even many errors in the biblical manuscripts that we have today – especially the earliest ones. The Greek of those who wrote, probably wasn’t as good as that of God…And this view of the Bible, makes it dearer to me. How come? Because I know I can understand it, and because it makes me understand it.

My point is this: I look at the bible just like I would look at any other book collection. I do background research, read about the culture in which the different documents were created, I try to understand the history around it and the way of thinking that governed their understanding at the particular time of writing. All in all, I use my God-given common sense in understanding the Bible. I apply logic, too (of course!). How come I can be so free? Because I seek to understand what is the truth about the Bible! And as Jesus said; “the truth will set you free”. Therefore I do not seek to defend a certain way of understanding the Bible, life or other things, but rather I seek to understand and defend the truth!

Put shortly; I don’t believe in The Word of God. I believe the word of God! Believing in his word, isn’t believing in a book collection, but it is hearing and obeying his will. The words that God utter, carry information – information about his will. Thus God could say: “Let there be light”, and light had to be! His will always comes true!

And when the truth is the guiding line in my life, also as I seek to explore by what aid God created me and the rest of the world, I seek not to defend a literate interpretation of a book collection that I hold dear. No, rather, as I learn that there are good reasons for believing that the world is about 10-15 billion years old, I take this beautiful insight with me in my further investigation of the Bible. I do not know  much about evolution (though I dare believe that I understand much more of it than many other laymen)  and I don’t know whether  natural selection  really is a sufficient explanation for the world as we see it. But I do not blindfold myself, and refute science as works of the devil. Rather;  with peace at heart because I know that I want to understand the truth, I apply critical thinking to a humble mind, realizing that His vast creation is absolutely beyond my comprehension as a mere human being.

will not be trapped by defending the truth with lies. And if I have no answer to give those who inquire of me, then so be it. But this I do know; that God is at work in my life.

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