Perceptive thoughts…

You know those moments when you capture yourself standing in the corner wondering why it all just happened to be so beautiful? No? Then thank God for having given you such a sound mind!
Some of us are so darkened in our minds by philosophical reasoning that we really do sit around on random benches in this and that park and wonder why the world around us appears so incredibly beautiful to us when it  just happened to come about and exist. Every little detail of life surrounding me. I look around myself and just concentrate about the beautiful perception of reality. Philosophy long time ago has revealed to the world that one cannot know anything about the world for sure. So if I am to believe philosophy I can believe this and that just as much as I’d like to,  but I can never be sure about it. I can never even prove that I myself exist. A Creator behind everything? Who would be so old school as to believe that?! No- we could all equally well just be programmed brains wired to a super computer in any odd fellows fancy laboratory, thinking that we experience what we call reality. But no need for such hasty conclusions. We should stay calm, say we cannot know anything about it if there is some sort of a God, and we should remain absolutely agnostic. I was thinking these sound minded, philosophically guided, non sense  thoughts through in my head, sitting on a bench starring down into the ground, darkening my head. I mean; if God created man, even in his own image, then why doesn’t he at least show himself to man? If he loves man so much, why didn’t he tell me so? I didn’t quit finish my questions before I looked up into an amazing sight. A beautiful creature looking a bit like man – as taken from his ribs and created in his image-  approached me where I sat. I starred at her cute face, here distinct cheeks, kind eyes and red lips which all was surrounded by her beautiful hear, suiting her sweet appearance perfectly. Her neck and the rest of her wasn’t like anything I have ever seen before in mankind, and I shouldn’t dare to describe it all.
“Hi”, she said,
and I was so captured by the perception of reality that I forgot all my thoughts, even so badly as to thank that perfect and good Creator which I in my crude perceptions thought must have been at work here!
“Hi”, I said back, “and thanks be to God!”
“What was that?” she asked, and I had to tell her about my good God.

Published by PenOfBen

A seeker of truth.

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